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Stunning jetsetter travels the world for free thanks to online dating site

A stunning jetsetter is travelling the world for FREE thanks to an online dating site where men pay thousands to whisk her away.

Natalie on a date in the Maldives

Natalie on a date in the Maldives


Natalie Wood, 30, from Canterbury, Kent, joined dating site, Miss Travel, two years ago and has since been flown around the world by strangers she’s never met.

The blonde bombshell has travelled to countries including Turkey, Abu Dhabi, Dubai, the Maldives, Australia, Czech Republic, Kuwait, and Miami.

As well as paying for her flights and accommodation dates often provide the beautician with spending money for designer goods, and splash out on flash cars, yachts and extravagant parties.

Natalie estimates that her dates have collectively spent over £60,000 to be in her company so far and despite being labelled a ‘gold digger’ she insists she’s just a luxury traveller.

Natalie said: “I absolutely love to travel, so I decided to join the site in the hopes of finding men who have the same passion as I do.

“Over the past two years I have been on around 80 dates with men from all around the world – and they have all been amazing.

“I am honest about what I am looking for, I am single and enjoy meeting new people and being spoilt.

“I love to tick off different countries around the world, I enjoy luxury cars, yachts, hot weather and the trips that I am going on are only getting better.

Natalie stands on a plane in Australia

Natalie stands on a plane in Australia


“Most of the men, who are usually a little older than I am, are successful business men who are tired of travelling alone and have enough funds to be able to share their trip with me.

“But I always put my safety first, I insist on skyping and always ask to see their ID before we arrange to meet, but every guy I have met has been a true gentleman.

“It’s hard to put a figure on it but men have spent tens of thousands on my flights and accommodation, I think it would total in excess of £60,000, but I don’t keep track of it.

“People sometimes call me a ‘gold digger’ but I prefer to be called a luxury traveller, I think they’re just jealous of my adventures.

“I like the finer things in life and this lifestyle allows me to have them.”

After joining Miss Travel two years ago, Natalie has since been flown around the world to places she never dreamed of visiting.

In June, Natalie travelled to Kuwait to meet an international accountant who invited her to his home country to explore.

She added: “His friend had a yacht with jet skis and we partied in luxurious villas all week.

“I didn’t spend a penny whilst I was there, he paid for everything and also gave me money to go shopping to treat myself to some designer clothes.

Natalie Wood on a yacht in Kuwait

Natalie Wood on a yacht in Kuwait


“Our relationship was purely platonic so I stayed in one of his apartments and he had his own.

“But I am planning on seeing him later on in the year in Canada, which of course will all be paid for.

“Dubai was another highlight for me, for the first half of my trip I stayed in a luxury hotel and for the second part I stayed in the guy’s villa.

“I flew to Perth in Australia to me meet a different guy who owned private planes, he had a huge collection and I was able to ride in one.

“There’s no pressure to have a sexual relationship with the men I date but I don’t rule sex out, I always make sure I am attracted to them first and the connection has to come naturally.

“I have had so many amazing experiences, being able to travel so freely has changed my life.”

Natalie is currently in Miami, where she has bought a one way ticket and hopes to connect with as many men online as possible in order to continue her adventures.

Natalie loves being a member of Miss Travel

Natalie loves being a member of Miss Travel


Natalie said: “I flew to Miami to meet a guy who is a very successful surgeon and we have had so much fun.

“We explored the city in a red convertible mustang and even went to a nudist beach which was a new experience for me.

“Unfortunately he had to fly back to London for business so I arranged to meet another guy who works in construction.

“I am flying to the Bahamas next week, I am always so eager to visit new places and never want my adventures to end.

“My dream would be to open my own spa, and as I have been travelling I have taken inspiration from the countries I have visited, I now have so many ideas that I would love to put into practice.

“I would love to fall in love and marry an international business man but, until I do, I will carry on using Miss Travel.

“I can’t praise the site enough, I would never have been able to go to all of these extraordinary places without the men I meet through the site, the possibilities are endless.”


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