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Stunning slimmer drops five stone in 36 weeks after ditching burgers – now an internet sensation after sharing selfie snaps

A stunning slimmer who shed five-stone in 36-weeks after ditching burgers is now an internet sensation after sharing selfie snaps.

The dramatic transformation

The dramatic transformation

The funeral director gorged on burgers, chips, pizza, sweets and chocolate every day – and was enjoying three-course meals at least four-times each week.

Tilly weighed almost 17-stone, the same weight as a baby elephant, at her heaviest but after joining Slimming World in April 2015 she has ditched fast food for healthy alternatives.

After sharing her weightloss journey on YouTube and Instagram, Tilly has become an internet sensation after gaining thousands of followers who are desperate to follow suit and lose weight.

Tilly said: “I was fed up of being fat and feeling uncomfortable in all my clothes.

“I struggled to walk and my confidence was rock bottom, so I decided to ditch the fast food and start Slimming World.

“I took a selfie of my body with my stomach out so I had a reminder of what I looked like before losing weight.


“That helped keep me on track and I began documenting my weightloss journey on Instagram and YouTube.

“I was overwhelmed when I began getting thousands of follower requests and positive comments.

“It has been just 36-weeks since I changed my life and I would never look back now, I’m still not at my goal weight but at 11st 7lbs I’m feeling much healthier and confident.

“Being a funeral director really puts everything into perspective and makes you want to live your life to the fullest, and losing the weight is certainly helping me do that.”

Tilly began gaining weight while studying at university – for the first time she was consuming large amounts of sugary drinks and living off fast food restaurants.

She added: “I was only at university for six-months as I left to work with my husband but my unhealthy eating habits continued.


“I was eating burgers and chips four times a week and I never cooked anything from fresh.

“Me and Edward loved eating out at restaurants as well – and I would always have a desert.”

After documenting her journey online she receives dozens of messages of support about her transformation and feels that without her fan base that she couldn’t have lost so much weight.

Tilly said: “I had tried so many diets before starting Slimming World but none of them had worked.

“Now I have thousands of people following my weight loss journey I feel that gaining pounds in the future would not only disappoint myself but I would be disappointing everyone who had ever liked or commented on one of my pictures or videos.

“It’s amazing having them supporting me and I’m confident I wouldn’t have lost so much in such a short period of time without them.

“I lost two-stone in 2014 as I was trying to slim down for my wedding but after the big day passed, I found myself overeating again.


“I know this won’t happen and this time I’m losing the weight to help myself in the long run and to inspire others.”

Tilly spent years being unable to shop on the high-street as her size 22 frame was too large for mainstream brands.

She added: “I was fed up of being too fat for most stores, I hated shopping as I knew nothing I liked would actually fit.

“But now I’ve lost five-stone I can fit into anything I want, it’s so strange to have so much freedom that I often forget I can buy from certain stores.

“My life and body has been completely transformed and I couldn’t be happier.

“Edward is so proud that I’ve managed to keep the weight off and I now go to gym classes each week to help tone up.

“It’s amazing that just a few months ago I struggled to walk for long periods of time and now I’m dancing for an hour without having to stop.

“I hope my journey shows other people struggling to lose weight like I was not to give up – if I can do it then anyone can.”

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