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Stunning woman survives without four major organs after barring flu-like illness

By Charlotte Nisbet

A stunning woman has survived without FOUR major organs removed after battling a flu-like illness.  

Sarah Joyce, 30, from Wamberal, New South Wales, Aus, was first diagnosed with meningococcal – a deadly bacterial infection that can cause death – in August 2016.

But despite surviving, she has since undergone dozens of operations to save her life, and after having her gall bladder and 80 per cent of her bowel removed, now both of Sarah’s kidneys have failed.

Sarah first thought her high temperature and sickness was due to a flu-like illness but less than 24 hours later, her life hung in the balance.

With her family saying their final goodbyes, Sarah continued to fight for her life.

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And from her hospital bed after her most recent operation, she is now sharing her story to help raise awareness for the meningococcal vaccine.

Sarah said: “When I first started suffering from flu-like symptoms I tried my best to shrug them off.

“It wasn’t until I noticed a purple rash and started shivering uncontrollably and vomiting that I started to realise something more serious was happening.

“After eight days of being in an induced coma, I woke up with a breathing tube still attached.

“From here my journey was only just beginning and I was completely unaware of my condition.

“I couldn’t use my hands, my nose was black from the disease.

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“I was hooked up to so many machines as although I was awake my body was still fighting.

“As time passed I had my spleen removed, three litres of fluid drained from my lungs and put back on breathing tube twice.

“I then needed to have three fingers amputated followed by five toes.

“I require dialysis three times a week to live until I get a kidney transplant.

“My parents are both going through final testing to see who is the best match to donate me one of their own.

“And since having 80 per cent of my bowels removed I now have a temporary colostomy bag.

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“It has been a long road to recovery but I’m hoping to raise awareness for symptoms of meningococcal so people know what to look for and act fast and how to prevent it.

“If I hadn’t of gone to hospital when I did, I wouldn’t have made it.”

Sarah had just landed her dream job and was flying all over Australia when she was struck down with meningococcal.

She added: “I was a normal 30 year old one minute and the next I was fighting for my life.

“I was a funding coordinator who was helping nursing homes with their funding from the government to make a difference for residents in aged care, it was my dream job.

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“But I’ve not been able to work since last August as I’ve been ill with one thing after another.

“I had to learn to stand up again and take my first steps all over again. I couldn’t even feed myself.

“This came with horrific pain and lots of tears and tantrums.

“I then went through a stage of refusing to eat or take my medications and lost about 20kg. It had all just gotten too much.”

Thankfully Sarah continued to fight and after three months in hospital, she is trying her best to stay positive.

PIC FROM Caters News 

She said: “I am so grateful I have such wonderful people in my life.

“Everyday is different. I never know how I am going to feel from day to day.

“Everything I have been through- can be prevented with a vaccination. Anyone can catch this disease, it can happen to anyone – any age.

“It happened to me and it could happen to you.”

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