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Stunning woman swaps rags for riches thanks to travel dating

A stunning woman has swapped rags for riches thanks to a travel dating website.

Maria in Marbella

Maria in Marbella


Maria Shaw, 26, from Bromley, South East London, was left homeless after her relationship ended badly – but now she’s travelling the world for free.

After being forced to put her belongings in storage, Maria relied on family and friends to put a roof over her head before joining dating site, Miss Travel, in December 2015.

Over the past eight months the pretty brunette has been whisked away to Dubai, Paris, Marbella and Milan by men she’s met online – with all expenses paid.

As well as having her flights and accommodation paid for, Maria is often given spending money by her dates – but insists there’s no pressure to have a sexual relationship with any of them.

Maria is currently on a date in Milan, her second time visiting this year, and has already planned her next trip to Ibiza in September.

The personal assistant is now looking for love again, and says the break-up last year was the best thing that’s ever happened to her.

Maria said: “Since joining the site and going on my first travel date, my life has completely turned around.

“After the break-up last year I was left with nothing – I went from having what I thought was a loving relationship and a home to losing it all and being forced to crash on friends and relatives sofas, I was homeless.

“I wanted to start over in Australia so originally joined the site in the hope that someone would fly me out there, as I couldn’t afford the initial costs of moving over there to work for the year.

Maria enjoying her new lifestyle

Maria enjoying her new lifestyle


“My plan didn’t work out how I hoped, but since I started travel dating I haven’t looked back.

“So far this year I have been flown around the world on five dates and all of them have been unique in their own way, I’ve become quite the jet-setter.

“I always put my safety first though and insist on talking to guys for around four weeks before I arrange to book anything and always insist on having my own room.

“At first I did assume that men would want more from me, but the men I have met have never had any expectations for a sexual relationship and those that do make it clear that’s what they are after in initial messages, I instantly turn them away.

“I’ve just moved into my own flat and feel like I’ve been given a new start in life, I can’t wait to explore the world and hopefully find love again.”

Maria was told about Miss Travel by previous work colleague and was instantly intrigued by the opportunities it provided.

After joining the site in December 2015, she has been flown around the world to places she only ever dreamed of visiting.

She added: “The first guy I met was English but lived in Marbella and he flew me out to his apartment for four days, we went out for dinner every evening and went to beach clubs in the day.

“He gave me money to go shopping and even surprised me with two pairs of new shoes.

Maria in Paris

Maria in Paris


“Unfortunately he was a little older than he let on and there wasn’t any attraction between us so we didn’t speak again.

“On another date I went to Paris and was also taken to Milan by the same guy.

“We were only supposed to be in Paris for three nights but because we were having such a good time we booked to stay for an extra one.

“He took me to see all of the sights, including the Eiffel Tower, and we went for romantic meals every evening before partying in the Latin Quarter.

“Our trip to Milan only lasted two days but whilst there we got to know each other a little better.

“Recently I flew to Dubai to meet a guy I had previously met up with twice in London, he flew me first class which was an unforgettable experience.

“I was there for five days but he worked during the day so we just met up for dinner at fancy restaurants at night.

“Even though many of the guys are looking for relationships, some are just looking for company and I think that’s all he wanted.

“But it gave me the chance to do my own thing and to visit a country I would never have been able to if I had to pay for it myself.”

Maria is currently on a date in Milan for the second time this year and has already planned her next trip to Ibiza at the beginning of September.

Maria in Dubai

Maria in Dubai


Maria said: “The guy who I met in Paris is flying me to Ibiza in September and one of my friends is going to come and join us out there, he gets discounted flights so it’s been a huge help.

“He is very generous and extremely thoughtful, I was having a stressful time before we met and he surprised me by sending me a gift voucher for a spa treatment.

“We have become really close and I am hoping it will turn into a relationship.

“Over the past few months my life has completely turned around, I can’t recommend travel dating enough and it has given me so many amazing opportunities that I would have been lost without.”


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