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Time-warp family live in the 1940’s

Meet the family living in a time warp – who live in a house decked out like war time Britain – and love nothing more than sitting down to a plate of Spam.

Kitten reading with husband Richard

Kitten reading with husband Richard


Kitten and Richard Von Mew, from Stratford-Upon-Avon, Warks, have transformed their home into a snapshot of the 1940s – wearing only vintage clothes, and allowing their daughter Betsy, 14 months, to play only with toys from the age.

Kitten, 36, started modelling as a 40s pin up in 2001 but it was not until five years later that she started embracing the lifestyle at home, before converting construction site supervisor, husband Richard.

The pair dress exclusively in vintage inspired clothes, and tot Betsy even has an extensive wartime-inspired wardrobe.

Stay at home mum, Kitten said: “We’ve got amazing respect for those who lived through World War II. In the face of all the atrocities, came out amazing things like the positives of people coming together in a community spirit.

“People came together for strength and support which I don’t think you get nowadays. Also on the morale side, music and theatre going right up to the front line to entertain the troops.

Kitten and Richard with daughter Betsy in front of their home

Kitten and Richard with daughter Betsy in front of their home


“I just find the whole thing awe inspiring how they got through it and found positivity and escapism. That’s why I like to portray the 1940s pin up.

“We do try to eat a 1940s diet – we love Spam, but we’re not huge fans of powdered egg.

“Our style is a vintage eclectic, we embrace technology and the modern world but I like to try and hide it away at home.”

The couple have a modern flat screen TV, but have crafted a wooden sideboard to hide it behind, so it doesn’t ruin the look of their vintage living room.

Kitten said: “I don’t like to see televisions out I and I don’t want them to be the focus of the room but I’m mad on film so we have a large side board which I made into a television cabinet.

“We don’t shy away from modern technology.

Kitten putting a plak on her vintage gramaphone

Kitten putting a plak on her vintage gramaphone


“We use social media to meet other like-minded people and go to events, so it’s important to embrace technology.

Kitten has certainly not inherited her affection for the era from her parents who thought it was an interest of hers that would just blow over.

She said: “They aren’t into it like I am, my dad is a steam train fanatic so it’s nice that we’ve got that in common and my mother is a fantastic artist.

“They thought it would be a phase when I got into the modelling side of it, at least I think they were hoping it was a phase as they thought it was a bit odd.

“Hopefully they’re proud of what I’m doing and how far I’ve come.”

Kitten said: “I do some singing at blitz events, I sing some 40s and 50s. I’m now hoping to start a cottage business making custom hats and costume accessories.

Kitten and Richard on their wedding day

Kitten and Richard on their wedding day


“I used to make a lot for my burlesque routine which I think that was the most exciting bit for me, creating some of the costumes.

“I didn’t have the money to get things custom made so I would find ways around it spending less money.

“It can definitely be expensive, it depends what the fashions are.

“When I first started things were very reasonable and you could pick things up from jumble sales really easily.

“But now the bigger following for it after war films means things are getting more expensive, I used to pick up dresses for £15 but now it’s between £60 and £100.

“We love our spam, we are big spam eaters, we have all sorts and we love food so we eat anything but we’re not fans of powdered eggs!”

“I don’t wear tracksuits or anything like that. The most relaxing thing I have are vintage jeans but everything I own is either vintage or repro vintage.

“I do go to mainstream shops but only buy vintage style clothes.

“My hair takes only five to ten minutes now, I wear vintage victory rolls everyday so I’m used to it but the 1930s look it takes a bit longer.

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