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Unrecognisable duo finally find love after realising they lived just 10 doors apart – and they’ve now lost a combined 26 stone

A couple who found love on a weight loss forum were stunned when they realised they lived just 10 doors apart – but had never recognised each other because they both used to be so over weight.

David and Sam now after their weight loss journey

David and Sam now after their weight loss journey


Samantha Charles, 25, tipped the scales at 27st 3lb when she joined an online weight loss forum and met David Quigly, 34, who weighed in at 24st.

As they posted pictures of themselves on their weight loss journey along with other members, the pair realised there was a romantic spark between them – and agreed to meet up.

But they were stunned when they realised they both lived on the same street in Wallington, Surrey – but had never noticed each other before.

The pair have since lost a combined 26 stone, the same weight as two baby elephants – Samantha lost 15 stone, dropping 11 dress sizes, while David lost 11 stone in 10 months.

With similar interests in healthy eating and both being newly single, the pair were thrilled when they realised they lived just 100 yards from one another.

They are now madly in love and are hoping others will read their story and be inspired to lose weight too.

Samantha, a building society manager said: “We both knew we lived in the same area, but we were gobsmacked when we realised we lived just a few doors away from each other.

“We couldn’t wait to meet each other in person for the first time, I guess our paths must have crossed at some point but because of our weight neither of us had ever noticed each other.

“A year ago we barely left our flats and I don’t think we would’ve spoken anyway, we were both so shy and nervous around other people when we were fat.

“We couldn’t be happier now though we have so much in common and make a great team, David is the love of my life.

Sam before on holiday

Sam before on holiday


“I’ll never forget the moment it turned into more than friends, neither of us had a clue about how to flirt but we were sat in a park with coffee and David put his arm around me, we haven’t looked back since.

“In the past ten months I’ve gone from a size 34 to a size 12, and lost half my body weight and I now weigh just 12 stone.

“David’s waist has shrunk from 54in to 32in – we both look completely different, the transformation has been amazing and our confidence has soared.

“It was like fate brought us together, we couldn’t be happier and more proud of each other.”

As well as healthy eating the pair now have very active lifestyles and regularly work out.

Just a year ago they were both confined to their homes, addicted to food, with no quality of life.

Samantha said: “This time last year I was depressed and had no future after being told by a doctor that I’d be lucky to reach the age of 30.

“I was bullied badly in school and specifically remember the bullies singing ‘fat Sam’s grand slam’ at me, I would sit in the toilets to avoid being humiliated by them.

“I had broken beds, chairs, got kicked off a ride at Alton towers for not fitting and mocked by everyone in the queue, enough was enough.

“One morning I just had a light bulb moment, I didn’t want to be sad and lonely any more I wanted to change my life for the better and I wanted a reason to live.

“I began writing about my journey online and one day I saw David had replied, we began talking from there and gave each other the encouragement we both needed to stay on track.”

Samantha got married in April 2014 wearing a size 26 wedding dress that had to be completely rebuilt to fit her size 34 frame – but behind the smile she felt miserable inside.

David before he lost weight

David before he lost weight


David was previously in a 10-year relationship which fell into a routine of people-pleasing and compromise.

After deciding to lose weight both Samantha and David finally plucked up the courage to split mutually from their partners, before finding happiness with each other.

David, an audio consultant said: “I’ve been a shut-in couch potato since childhood and would never venture outdoors or socialise for fear of being mocked or being unable to do the things.

“I would always put on a happy face and everybody would be none the wiser but deep down I was so sad and lonely.

“I started losing weight as I thought I was developing diabetes and I was fed up of always being embarrassed when trying to carry out the simplest of tasks.

“After losing weight I found a new lease of life, Samantha is an amazing person and it’s incredible that we are now experiencing so much together for the first time.

“Our bond is unbreakable now, we have been on the same journey, helped each other every step of the way and it’s fair to say she’s been my rock throughout.”

After both deciding to lose weight, Samantha and David joined their local Cambridge Weight Plan which offered one-to-one support from a consultant.

David and Sam now and on their recent trip to Vegas

David and Sam now and on their recent trip to Vegas


Samantha said: “We both chose Cambridge because we needed a break from food and something that worked quickly.

“We both knew we had a huge task ahead of us but it was now or never and it was the best thing we ever did.

“Camrbidge is the only weight loss plan that has worked wonders for us both, and it lead us to each other.

“David’s confidence has soared after he won man of the year for Cambridge in November which was something he could only ever have dreamed of before.

“I was proudly there cheering him on and we couldn’t believe when we also won a prize to Las Vegas.

“We completed a 15,000ft sky dive over the desert, something physically we would’ve never been able to do before.

“Together we now live such a fun filled and happy life and look forward to waking up every day and seeing what life has in store for us.

“No-one in the world could understand us like we do each other and we have so much to look forward to now.

“If we can do it, anyone can!”

Samantha’s diet before:
Breakfast: Sausage and Bacon Roll
Snack: Crisps or chocolate bars
Lunch: Subway foot long, plus a six inch on the side
Snack: Up to six packs of crisps
Dinner and pudding: Two battered sausages, a large portion of chips with four slices of bread and butter or a large pizza with garlic bread and chicken dippers with full fat Coke
Late night treat: More crisps and chocolate

Samantha’s diet now:
Breakfast: Cambridge weight plan maple and pecan porridge
Snack: Cambridge weight plan jelly
Lunch: Cambridge Weight plan chocolate shake
Dinner: Chicken and steamed vegetables
After Dinner: Cambridge Weight Plan Lemon Bar

David’s diet before:
Breakfast: Large bowl of sugary cereal or a fried breakfast
Snack: Chocolate, crisps, triple sandwich
Lunch: Microwave curry or Cornish pasty
Snack: Samosa (eaten secretly on the way home) and chocolate
Dinner and pudding: Microwave meal then syrup sponge pudding with ice cream
Late night treat: Big bag of salted peanuts and/or a milkshake

David’s diet now:
Breakfast: Cambridge Weight Plan Meal replacement Porridge
Snack (if any like fruit/yoghurt): Small portion of unsalted almond or cashew nuts (30g), Fage 0% Fat Free Yoghurt
Lunch: Chicken or tuna salad with fat-free vinaigrette or Ham & Mushroom Omelette
Dinner: Steak, Fish or Chicken with Vegetables

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