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Water different pregnancy shoot! Mum-to-be woman floats underwater in mystical photos

A mum-to-be has taken part in a pregnancy photo shoot with a difference – floating completely underwater in a series of mystical images.

The photographs, taken in California, US, earlier this month by photographer Chad Griepentrog, show pregnant Rhea and her husband Abraham gliding through the water.

Chad Griepentrog / Caters News

Photographer of 20 years Chad, 43, who also works as a director of photography for US TV shows, spent two hours capturing the otherworldly shots.

The 43-year-old, from Huntington Beach, California, said: “Life is all about those little moments we can freeze in time, as it all goes by so fast.

“When I was capturing these images I felt happy for Rhea and Abraham.

“I knew that we were getting great photos and I was even happier that she and her husband were having a good time and were up for trying new things.

Chad Griepentrog / Caters News

“We ended up shooting for two hours straight.

“In the images, I wanted to show off Rhea’s belly in a tasteful way.

“The inspiration came from when my wife was pregnant.

“She felt awful most of the time, but when we took photos in the pool, she could relax and move around weightless.

“In that moment she was more beautiful than ever.”

Chad said he normally captures images in a documentary style but said his underwater shots are the only time he ‘directs’ his clients.

Chad Griepentrog / Caters News

He added: “It’s always a bit frustrating when a maternity session first starts.

“I’m a bit of a perfectionist, and not much of a Photoshop guy, so I really try to get everything just right in the moment.

“Materials sink or get tangled up, hair goes everywhere, bubbles get trapped in nostrils, or it can be hard for the client to sink.

“Sometimes we just need to have a good laugh and refocus our efforts!

Chad Griepentrog / Caters News

“Luckily my wife always helps me with the underwater maternity shoots.

“It’s so helpful to have her helping with wardrobe, hair, lashes, makeup, and posing tips, as she was my first subject.

“The clients really appreciate that as well, especially since being pregnant can be physically demanding and not everyone feels great about their bodies.”

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