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Who’s the better half? Romantic couple travelling on opposite sides of the world entwine snaps together!

By Kristiana Hall

Pic from Caters News 

Who’s the better half? Romantic couple travelling on opposite sides of the world have entwined their snaps together.

Becca Siegal, and Dan Gold, from New York, have been in a relationship for two years after first meeting in their home city.

The 28 year olds also have their professions in common – as they are both freelance photographers.

PIC FROM Caters News 

When Dan was offered the opportunity to travel Europe in 2016 for an 11 month tour, Becca followed his footsteps soon after and decided to travel to India, Africa and South America on her own.
Both Dan and Becca decided to embrace their long distance relationship and embark on a photo editing journey – a way of the couple staying connecting by editing their travel photos together.

Becca said: “After Dan left, and I started travelling on my own, we both wanted to think of a project we could both work together, despite the distance.

“After we stitched a photo together of mine and Dan’s cups of coffee, mine being in Manhattan and Dan’s being in London, we received a great response online.”

PIC FROM Caters News 

The couple have since whipped up more heartwarming images from different sides of the world and started their Instagram ‘Halfhalftravel.’

Dan said: “Becca and I have been together since we met in New York in 2015.

£Soon after a few opportunities arose where I was given the chance to travel as a digital nomad called ‘Remote Year.’

PIC FROM Caters News 

“When I found out, Becca was even happier than I was.

“We wanted to share our story through photos on Instagram, and the project has evolved to a following that is giving strength to LD couples and travelers all over the world.

“It’s evolved from one follower and is growing every day into the thousands.”

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