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A woman addicted to cheeseburgers has shared her amazing transformation after losing 14 stone

A woman who tipped the scales at 23 stone after battling a cheeseburger addiction is unrecognisable – after shedding 14 stone and forking out £12k on getting her dream body.

Lyndsey in her wedding dress before and after her weight loss

Lyndsey in her wedding dress before and after her weight loss


Stunning Lyndsey Hoover, 23, can now slip into a size zero slinky dress – but on her wedding day five years ago, she struggled to squeeze into her size 30 gown.

But she ditched her 4,000 calorie a day diet after being unable to fasten an aeroplane seatbelt – and shed 14 stone after being referred for a gastric bypass, and swapped burgers and chips for protein bars and salads.

But due to her drastic weight loss, the mum of one, from Texas, USA, was left with severe excess skin and was forced to buy jeans two sizes too big in order to fit her saggy skin inside.

After having a gastric bypass, Lyndsey made the decision to have a tummy tuck, where surgeons removed 9lbs of excess skin, and to complete her transformation Lyndsey had a breast lift and implants.

Lyndsey, an account manager in technology sales, said: “In just under two years I had lost 14 stone but even though I had worked really hard to lose the weight I wasn’t seeing the benefits, my excess skin was painful and caused rashes and I had to buy jeans two sizes too big to hide it.

“I had always been overweight but on my 21st birthday I felt like my life was over, I had always imagined I would be out celebrating with friends but I had nothing to celebrate.

Lyndsey with her excess skin and after her operation

Lyndsey with her excess skin and after her operation


“I couldn’t go to any shows as I couldn’t fit in the seats and I couldn’t eat out in nice restaurants as I was too big to fit in the booths.

“Being a size 30 I could only shop in two clothes stores and I was the very biggest size on the rail.

“A major turning point was when I was travelling home from a family holiday to Las Vegas when I couldn’t buckle my seat belt on the airplane, I was mortified and knew I had to make drastic changes to my life.

“I met with a doctor who referred me for a gastric bypass and I was put onto a strict diet, it didn’t take long for the weight to start dropping off and it felt amazing.

“In February I had a tummy tuck and a month later I had breast implants and a lift and now finally I have the body I have always dreamed of.”

Lyndsey had battled with her weight ever since childhood and was called cruel names at school by her peers.

Reaching her heaviest weight of 23st, Lyndsey’s life was put on hold as she feared she was too big to fit in the seats at restaurants and theatres, leaving her severely depressed.

She added: “My husband, Randy, 25, married me at my heaviest, he saw me differently and never realised how big I really was.

Lyndsey before and after

Lyndsey before and after


“My diet was made up of fast food and I drank three litres of diet coke every day, I was addicted and I could easily eat 4,000 calories a day.

“But my weight was having serious effects on my health, I was pre-diabetic and suffered with severe back pain so I met with a doctor who referred me for a gastric bypass in June 2014.

“After my surgery I was placed on a strict diet that was made up of around 700 calories a day.

“I had a protein shake in morning, a turkey breast at lunch and a protein bar for dinner, and I ate this every day without fail for a year and a half.

“The weight soon started to fall off and in the first three months I had lost just over five stone.

“Over the next two years my weight continued to drop and I eventually reached nine and a half stone but my excess skin was so bad that I felt extremely self-conscious and had to buy jeans two sizes up to fit my skin inside.”

Lyndsey before her weight loss

Lyndsey before her weight loss


In February Lyndsey made the decision to go under the knife once again and had a tummy tuck where 9lbs of excess skin was removed from her stomach.

To complete her transformation, in March Lyndsey had a breast lift and implants that transformed her drooping A cups to a perky DD.

Now, weighing a healthy nine stone and a dress size 0, Lyndsey is finally able to show off the body she had always longed for.

Lyndsey said: “I am so proud of the transformation I have made and I now feel like I am living the life I always dreamed of.

“I can now wear a bikini and not have to feel like I need to make an excuse about how I look, or the reason for my excess skin, I can finally look in the mirror and see a beautiful woman staring back.”

BREAKFAST – 2 McDonald’s breakfast sandwiches and 2 hash browns
LUNCH – Large Big Mac meal with a large milkshake
DINNER – Dinner cheeseburger or fried chicken tenders with fries
DRINKS – Three litres of diet coke

BREAKFAST – Protein shake or a protein bar
LUNCH – turkey breast
DINNER – chicken breast and a salad
DRINKS – Water

Breast augmentation – £7,000
Tummy tuck – £5,000
TOTAL £12,000


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