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Woman claims mould from her house has left her bedridden and compares it to being allergic to grvaity

A woman has claimed that her mouldy house has triggered a rare illness that has left her bedridden and unable to stand.

The tilt table used to measure Valentina's heart beat

The tilt table used to measure Valentina’s heart beat


Valentina Strelelenskaia, 37, from Sydney, spent 22 hours a day in bed for 15 months due to Postural Orthostatic Tachychardia Sydnrome (POTS) – an abnormal increase in heart rate that occurs after sitting up or standing.

The rare disorder left her heart beating abnormally fast whenever she stood and would knock her off balance meaning she felt permanently sick.

Valentina has since moved house due to the mould problems which she believes triggered her severe health complications – and likens her bizarre affliction to being ‘allergic to gravity’.

After trialling numerous antibiotics to combat her crippling symptoms, Valentina finally found one that worked in January 2012.

But after recently moving house again she has discovered damp patches and is terrified of the condition returning.

Valentina said: “Every day was a nightmare knowing that I was unable to stand without my body feeling terrible.

“I got sick when I moved into an old building which had mould all over the walls due to the home being about 100 years old.

“The mould was letting off fumes and unbeknownst to me, I was breathing them in every day and it began affected my nervous system.

Valentina when she was bedridden in December 2013

Valentina when she was bedridden in December 2013


“In my first house the mould was not visible, and it grew from underneath which is why it took so long for me to realise what was causing my illness.

“As soon as I stood up I would feel dizzy, lightheaded, my heart would beat really fast and I just could not at all keep standing so I had to go back to bed.

“I was bedbound and I couldn’t go to the shops or socialise with friends, I felt like I was allergic to gravity.

“My friends always had to visit me because I was unable to leave the house on my own.”

“I was diagnosed in 2010 and it took anti-fungal medication, herbal medication and then finally antibiotics for me to start getting better.

She added: “I thought I would always be bed ridden and I would never be able to even catch a bus or go to the shops again.

“I was worried I would always be allergic to gravity as I simply could not stand at all.

“A doctor asked if there was mould in my house and once I realised there was, I knew instantly that it was causing me to be ill.”

Valentina has since become a counsellor for POTS after years of treatment which helped her overcome the disorder.

The mould that made Valentina sick

The mould that made Valentina sick


She used numerous treatments including a tilt table to measure her heart beat while upright.

She said: “I found out that I had an infection which was causing my body to do this.

“I compare it to a car where you have to check all of the pieces to see why my heart was not working properly.

“I began researching and found that POTS is caused by more than 25 different underlying issues.

“I was introduced to the best professor in Australia who specialised in infections, and to a naturopath who saved my life.

“I now help people all of the world and it gives me great pleasure knowing that I can assist people with this terrible condition.”

Valentina has recently had more issues with mould in her current accommodation, and she is currently being visited by inspectors and contractors to see if the issue can be solved.

She said: “I have had more mould problems in my new accommodation which have made some of the symptoms return so unless it can be sorted I will desperately be trying to find a new home to make me free of this horrible disorder.”

Valentina’s landlord has been contacted for a comment.


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