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Woman creates adorable bucket list for pooch after he’s diagnosed with doggy dementia

These are the heart-warming photos of one woman helping her dog carry out his ‘bucket list’ before he completely loses his memory.

PIC FROM CATERS NEWS - (PICTURED: Mugly enjoys a day out at the beach. ) - These are the hilarious but heart-warming photos of one woman helping her dog carry out his bucket list before he completely loses his memory. Bev Nicholson, 53, from Eastfield, Peterborough, was left heartbroken after her beloved pooch, Mugly, 12, was recently diagnosed with doggy dementia. Six months ago Mugly, who was crowned the Worlds Ugliest Dog in 2012, started showing signs of odd behaviour like getting lost in the house and staring into space for long periods of time. After his diagnosis in June, Bev decided to put a list of experiences together so his final days were filled with happy memories and adventures including acupuncture, going sailing, sitting in a fire engine and having a day out at the beach. SEE CATERS COPY.

Mugly enjoying a day at the beach, a whippy ice cream and with owner Bev at the park


Bev Nicholson, 53, from Peterborough, Cambs, was left heartbroken after her beloved pooch, Mugly, a Chinese Crested, 12, was diagnosed with doggy dementia.

In January, Mugly, who was crowned the World’s Ugliest Dog in 2012, could no longer navigate his way around the family home and instead would stare into space and get stuck in corners.

Devastated after his diagnosis in June, Bev put together a list of experiences so Mugly’s final days were filled with happy memories and adventures – including acupuncture, going sailing, sitting in a fire engine and having a day out at the beach.

Bev has now vowed to make the most of the time they have left by ticking off as many things as they can while Mugly is still able to.

Bev, owner of Mutts-Nutts said: “When the vet told me Mugly had dementia I was absolutely devastated.

“I’ve had Mugly since he was eight weeks old, I took one look at him and my heart melted.

Mugly having a massage

Mugly having a massage


“He’s been such a great dog, it was a huge shock to the whole family.

“In January I started to notice his odd behaviour, Mugly’s always been a healthy dog but all of a sudden he started staring at the walls for long periods of time and not recognising his surroundings.

“I just knew something wasn’t right, but I never even contemplated it could be something like dementia.

“I soon realised that time is now precious for Mugly, so I decided to make a fun lighthearted bucket list for us to complete together before the dementia completely takes hold of him.

“He’s always been such an active and caring dog so I picked things I knew he would enjoy doing.

“We’ve completed ten things so far, it’s been a great way to make the most of the time he has left with us.”

Mugly wearing his dementia collar

Mugly wearing his dementia collar


The duo have now been able to tick off sailing, a spa treatment, reaching 5,000 followers on Facebook, spending a day at the park, designing a dementia awareness collar, sitting in a fire engine, having a day at the seaside, eating a whippy ice cream, having a massage, and acupuncture.

Bev added: “I think his two favourite things so far have been when he went sailing and when he sat in the fire engine.

“He’s always loved water but he’s never been on a boat so that was great, and he’s always loved riding in things especially trains so it was a unique experience to see him in a fire engine.

“As Mugly has arthritis too the acupuncture, massage and thalassotherapy treatments were incredible.

“We also had the day at the beach where he relaxed on his lounger and was able to eat an ice cream which was devoured in seconds.

Mugly enjoying a day out at the beach

Mugly enjoying a day out at the beach


“It was hard making the list though as Mugly has achieved so much already like visiting the Houses of Parliament and turning on the Christmas lights.

“Some of the big one’s left are meeting the Queen’s Corgi’s and appearing in a music video.

“We will do as much as we can now, Mugly has bad and good days when I can see his old personality shining through again, that’s when we go out on our adventures.

“His health will always come first but it’s great he’s been able to complete so many already, the memories we’ve made over the past few months are irreplaceable.”

As well as making memories, Bev plans to continue raising awareness for dogs with dementia as well as fundraising and helping others.

Bev said: “Mugly has always been a very loyal, calm and caring dog.


Mugly at the park


“He’s spent the past six years being a therapy dog and has helped comfort so many people, anyone who meets him instantly falls in love with him.

“He wears his doggy dementia collar a lot now, people always ask questions about it so I explain his diagnosis and people are always shocked.

“One of the things on his list is to raise £2,500 for Cinque Ports Rescue, a volunteer rescue centre where we’ve had six other dogs from.

“Even when he took part in the World’s Ugliest Dog contest, it wasn’t just for fun, it was to also highlight that all dogs can be loved and have a home, not just the pretty ones.

“All the money and treats he’s ever won have all been donated too, he’s had a great life.”

Despite having five other rescue dogs, Bev believes the house won’t be the same without Mugly.

Mugly enjoying a spa treatment

Mugly enjoying a spa treatment


She said: “It’s horrible not knowing how long he has left with us.

“His condition could deteriorate at any minute and he could forget simple things like how to eat or drink, or even who I am.

“We will keep going with the bucket list though and hopefully complete as many as we can.

“I can’t thank all the local businesses and people for helping us so far, without your help we wouldn’t have been able to do this much.

“Mugly has achieved so much in such a short time, he really is the best dog you could wish for.

“He’s going to be missed dearly, I’m just glad we’ve had this precious time together.”




5,000 Facebook followers
Conquer a fear by spending the day in a park (I had a bad experience a few years ago)
Design a doggy dementia awareness collar
Ride/sit in a fire engine
Have a day at the seaside
Eat a whippy ice cream
Have a massage
Have acupuncture
Have a spa treatment
Go sailing

Raise £2,500 for Cinque Ports Rescue (where my rescue family all came from)

Visit a human dementia unit and swap hugs
Get at least 100 kisses and cuddles from people in a kissing booth
Sit on the This Morning sofa
Meet Joey Essex (someone who’s equally as confused about life as I am)
Take a ride on a Harley trike
Have afternoon tea
Visit a light house
Have a party with a magic show and doggy ball pit
Be on the front cover of a magazine
To appear in a music video
Go to my human friends first birthday party
Finally aim high and meet the Queen’s Corgi’s

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