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Woman works out with her 80-year-old grandad after he inspired her to become a fitness model

An 80-year-old grandad has inspired his beautiful granddaughter to become a fitness model after the pair started squatting, weight lifting and running together.

Basia with her Jan

Basia with Jan


Basia Kastelik, 24, fell in love with fitness after her grandad introduced her to his training regime when she was in her early teens.

The now fitness model, trains with her grandad, Jan Grzybowski, 80, every Sunday at their holiday home he built on a picturesque resort in Miedzybrodzie – a village in Poland.

Basia, who never used to enjoy exercise, lived in London for four years until summer 2015 but still managed to fly over to visit her grandad regularly.

Their workouts now consist of weight lifting, squats, running and cycling together.

And thanks to her training partner, Jan, Basia is now a fitness model after gaining herself a six pack and perfect muscle tone.

Basia, who lives in Bielsko-Biala, said: “I would never have started working out if it wasn’t for my grandad, he’s my inspiration and he helps me so much.

Jan pushing Basia during their work out

Jan pushing Basia during their workout


“He had cancer in his sixties which made him very skinny, thankfully he beat it and he’s been a fitness freak since.

“I now go to the gym five times a week and have made a living thanks my grandad.

“I work as a fitness model and a wellness coach alongside my marketing job, I like helping people to keep healthy with their diets and workouts.

“I first started working out with my grandad as a child but it wasn’t until a few years ago that I started taking it all seriously.

“He’s super strong and fit especially for someone who is 80, I aspire to be like him when I’m his age.

“He is still able to do three sets of 20 press ups, bicep exercises and deadlifts.”

Jan built the holiday home 40 years ago and Basia described it as the perfect getaway for workouts.

Basia and Jan squatting

Basia and Jan squatting


The home sits on a beautiful lake in the remote area of south-east Poland, where Basia and Jan spend their weekends working out with iron bars and homemade gym equipment.

Basia said: “When I was a kid I used to spend weeks at a time here with my grandad.

“The workouts are so good because there’s no distractions at all, it’s just you with nature and there’s no electricity either.

“They’re very tiring but we both love coming here as it gets us away and into our own little world.”

Jan has been around fitness and heavy lifting for the majority of his life.

He was a trainee boxer in his twenties and a keen heavy-weight lifter throughout his younger years.

Basia explained how the two have a very close bond, and how her granddad is able to keep active at the grand age of 80.

She said: “We go mountain climbing and swimming, as well as cooking together as well. We both have the active lifestyle in our blood.

Basia and Jan lifting weights together

Basia and Jan lifting weights together


“We sometimes drink wine together on evenings which we deserve after out long workouts, my grandad manages to keep himself incredibly fit.

“The biggest thing is his nature and his attitude, he has a no excuses philosophy which I have adopted as well.

“He knows the importance of activities, especially when he sees his friends who are nowhere near as fit as him.

“He’s the kind of person who can’t just sit at home and do nothing, he sees working out as a way of keeping something on his mind.”


• Warm up – stretching or playing volleyball
• 20 press ups – four sets
• 15 bicep curls on each arm – four sets
• 15 shoulder exercises with barbells – four sets
• 10 squats – four sets
• Sit ups to kill off the routine
• Swimming in the lake to cool off

Average time of a workout – 60-90 minutes


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