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Up on the woof? – Hilarious moment dog owners came back off holiday to discover their pooch was stuck on the roof

A family were left stunned after returning from holiday– when they heard their dog got stuck on their roof.

The fire service rescuing Millie from the roof

The fire service rescuing Millie from the roof


Mischievous Welsh Springer Spaniel Millie managed to slip out of a skylight at the family home in Hollywood, Birmingham, while being looked after by a dog sitter – and ended up perched on the roof.

Panicked neighbours called in the fire brigade and a local animal rescue centre – who managed to capture the dramatic rescue on camera, when Millie was helped safely back through the window.

When owner Julia Wright, who had been holidaying in Spain with her four children, touched down at Birmingham airport, her phone was bombarded with messages from neighbours and pictures of her eight-year-old dog on the roof of her house.

Julia, 49, said: “We had gone away to Spain for a week and left the dog with a dog sitter.

“When the plane landed and we switched our phones on we had tonnes of pictures of the dog on the roof.

The Wright family look up to where Millie was

The Wright family look up to where Millie was


“I thought it was photoshopped!

“We couldn’t believe what was happening. Millie is always desperate for attention but even we couldn’t believe she’d gone to.

“She’s happily none the worse for her ordeal.”

The family converted their loft in in their five bed house in 2003 and installed the Velux window to double as a fire escape.

As a result the window has an easy-open latch, which the dog was able to use to gain access to the roof.

Julia said: “She’s such a needy dog and she loves attention.

“The dog sitter had popped out and she was probably feeling lonely.

“The neighbour heard her barking at the window and then all of a sudden the bark changed into a worried whine.

“That’s when she went to investigate and discovered Millie standing on the roof.”

The neighbour quickly called Julie’s son Andy, who was at work and had keys to the house. Both he and the dog sitter rushed back, but initially only made the problem worse.

Millie managed to escape onto the roof

Millie managed to escape onto the roof


Julia said: “When Andy arrived Millie got really excited and looked like she was going to jump.

“Andy just had to throw the keys down and disappear around the corner.”

By this time a large crowd had gathered in the residential street to offer advice and help.

Concerned that someone might injure themselves trying to get the dog down, the neighbour called Hereford and Worcester Fire Service, while another onlooker phoned the Wythall Animal Sanctuary for help.

The sanctuary’s manager Alison Cookson, 44, said: “When we got the call at about 11 am to say there was a dog stuck on a roof. It’s one of the stranger calls we’ve had!”

“We grabbed all our own ladders, leads, toys, and doggy treats. Anything we could think of that might help tempt her down.

“We got there after the fire service and it just looked like a farce!

The skylight Millie climbed through to access the roof

The skylight Millie climbed through to access the roof


“They were standing underneath the roof with a tarpaulin and a single mattress was on the ground and I just thought ‘Oh my God’!

“It really was a comedy scene. I just wanted to get up the ladder myself.”

It took several minutes for Alison and the firefighters to realise that they had the keys to the house and could get up to the loft.

Alison said: “As soon as I realised we could get in I grabbed the catching pole and went inside.

“I was hanging out of the window as far as I could trying to slip the noose around the dog while a fireman was at the top of a ladder,
holding her and making sure she did not fall.

“It was surreal and it just looked daft.”

About 30 minutes after Alison arrived they managed to get Millie back through the window. She had been on the roof for two hours.

Alison said: ““She was dehydrated and tired, but fortunately that was all.

The family home

The family home


“When we brought her down we had a long drink, and soon after she was well again and loving all the attention.”

Julia said: “It was obviously a shock to hear about it but thankfully she’s alright.

“She just loves being with people and I’m scared to leave her on her own now.

“My daughter is getting married in a couple of weeks and I think I’m going to have to take the dog to the wedding!

“Maybe we’ll have to write another last minute invitation.”

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