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Young couple ditch dream jobs to live out of a rucksack and travel the world


A young couple have ditched their dream jobs to live out of a rucksack and travel the world.

Charlotte and Charlie gave up their dream jobs to travel the world

Charlotte and Charlie gave up their dream jobs to travel the world

Charlotte Bailey, 24, from Leek, Staffs and Charlie White, 25, from Daventry, Northants, decided to quit their high flying £50k a year jobs for the simple life.

Packing just a rucksack each, the pair started their travelling four months ago after saving £24k in nine months.

Charlotte and Charlie took up nine jobs between them in their home towns after quitting their jobs as a property manager and cabin crew roles.

After months of researching the best locations in the world, they were desperate to make their travelling dream a reality.

Setting up an extensive bucket list for their time away, the pair, who have been inseparable since meeting on their first day at university in 2010, are set to visit Bali, Singapore, Thailand, Miami, Argentina, Peru, just to name a few.

The couple have set up a travel blog called The Wanderlovers and hope to inspire other young people to take the plunge and travel the world.

Charlie said: “We were over the moon when we landed our dream jobs in London but after a year of working long hours and living in an expensive flat, we realised we wanted more from life than just high paid jobs.

“After coming home from work one day we both decided it was time to take the risk and ditch our jobs to travel the world.

After ditching their jobs the couple are now care free

After ditching their jobs the couple are now care free


“We had to call our parents and tell them we no longer wanted to pursue our careers and that we wanted to live with them again back in Leek so we could save.

“Thankfully they were very supportive and shortly after we left London we got nine jobs between us, including working at Alton Towers, HMV, bar work, handing out leaflets and door knocking for market research.

“Although sometimes we would have to work double shifts on very little sleep, we knew the end goal of seeing the world would be worthwhile.

“Once we’d saved £24k we decided to book our one way tickets to Delhi, India, taking just one backpack each.”

Despite being excited and planning their trip extensively before setting off – Charlie and Charlotte admit their first experience of backpacking was a massive culture shock.

Charlotte added: “When we landed in Delhi it was like colourful chaos, it was a huge slap in the face for us and we had to quickly adapt to their way of life but we embraced every second of it.

“It was the start of our adventure and we couldn’t have been happier to have left our dream jobs.

“Just six weeks into our travelling Charlie booked us to do the worlds highest bungee jump from the top of the Macau Tower for Valentines Day – that was the scariest but best thing we’ve ever done.”

At The Great Wall of China

At The Great Wall of China

The couple both found London life unfriendly, unrewarding and uninviting – just not what it had cracked up to be.

Charlie said: “I had landed my dream job as a property manager and Charlotte was working as cabin crew for Monarch Airlines, we lived in a matchbox flat in Brent Cross and paid a small fortune for it.

“We were both earning over £24k per year and had a comfortable lifestyle but we still had a huge desire to travel while we were both young.

“Taking advantage of our 20 days holiday we would always go abroad but it wasn’t enough.

“Quitting is the best thing we’ve ever done, we had spent all our spare time reading about other peoples adventures through travel blogs but now it was time to start our own, The Wanderlovers was born.”

The couple are currently living in Shenzhen, in the south of China, after securing a job while travelling through India.

Charlotte added: “So far we have stayed in mostly hostels to save our money and now we’ve got jobs we will end up leaving this country with more money than we started with.

Charlotte and Charlie in India

Charlotte and Charlie in India


“At the moment our accommodation is being funded by the school and that’s allowed us to buy tickets for the Grand Prix and stay at luxury resort, Marina Bay Sands in Singapore, for the weekend.

“Our plan is to go to Bali for the summer and attain diving qualifications so we can become diving instructors while in Thailand.

“There’s so many ways to earn money while travelling and I hope our story illustrates that you don’t need to be rich to see the world.”

Although the pair are having the time of their lives since quitting their day jobs, there are things they miss from home.

Charlotte said: “We both really miss our families and after not seeing them for three months, putting the phone down after speaking to them is really hard.

“But we haven’t been home sick as such, however Charlie has been craving a cup of tea for a while.”

Having left all their materialistic belongings at home, Charlie and Charlotte are enjoying the simple life.

Charlie added: “While working in London we became consumed with having the best gadgets but now we’re away from it all we couldn’t be happier.

“We don’t need the best phones or biggest TVs, we are appreciating the smaller things in life such as sun sets and skylines.

“Our travelling adventure has lasted four months so far but we can’t wait to tick off more countries on our bucket list and enjoy life to its fullest.”

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