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Young mum takes first steps outdoors after extreme anxiety left her trapped for two decades

A young mum has taken her first steps outdoors after extreme anxiety left her trapped inside for two decades.

Robert Hisee and Jodie

Robert Hisee and Jodie


Jodie Palmer, 23, from Wolverhampton, West Mids, hasn’t ever been shopping or taken her children to school after agoraphobia – extreme or irrational fear of open or public places – has gripped her life since the age of three years old.

The full time mum of two, who was taking a daily cocktail of anxiety medication, was desperate to get her life back on track for the sake of her children, Petal, three, and Oakley, 19-months-old with partner, Ashley Snape, 22.

After coming across The Hypnotist Man, Robert Hisee, online, Jodie decided to get in touch, hopeful he’d be able to cure her once and for all.

It took just one hour with Robert before she was able to leave the house for the first time in two decades without feeling anxious.

Her anxiety had vanished and she even managed to drive a car for the first time since passing her tests in 2011.

Now Jodie is sharing her story to help others in the same situation and to raise awareness for mental illness.

Jodie said: “Stepping outdoors for the first time without feeling overwhelmed with anxiety was amazing, it was as though a weight that I had carried all my life had been lifted.

“From the age of three I remember feeling panicked and never wanting to leave my parents side, the only thing I can think of that triggered it was having double pneumonia at the age of three.

“I was having up to three panic attacks per day and constantly needed to by babysat as I couldn’t stay at home alone.

“I needed to be close to a toilet at all time as the attacks would cause me to throw up continuously until they had ended.

Jodie with her daughter, Petal and the first time she ventured outside right

Jodie with her daughter, Petal and the first time she ventured outside right


“It started at an early age and I ended up being home schooled as I couldn’t face leaving the house, even at the age of three I was anxious.

“I managed to meet my partner, Ashley, through a mutual friend but he had to come to my home as I couldn’t leave due to my agoraphobia.

“We’ve never had a proper date and although we have two children, I cannot ever take them anywhere.

“I was able to have them both in hospital but they were very quick births and due to the pain, I think my mind temporarily forgot about the anxiety of being outdoors.

“After meeting The Hypnotist Man, Robert and taking to him for just an hour, I was able to walk down the road and I even managed to drive a car for the first time without shaking and having a panic attack.

“I couldn’t believe it but my anxiety and worries about leaving my house had disappeared in an instant.

“It felt so easy to step outdoors and go for a walk, I’m now working towards taking my own kids to school.

“It sounds strange but other than enjoying time with my kids, one of the things I’m most looking forward to is clothes shopping in Primark.”

The Hypnotist Man, Robert Hisee, used mind therapy techniques to find the root cause of all Jodie’s problems and from that he was able to cure her anxiety – it is hoped in 30 days, using the new techniques she has learnt, that Jodie will be able to combat all her anxiety once and for all.

Jodie added: “I never imagined I’d be walking outside the same day I met him, I have no idea how he did it but I’m hoping it permanently does the trick.

“I have never been clubbing, been on a date or even taken my kids to the park, I used to just waste my days at home worrying.

Jodie finally conquered her fears

Jodie finally conquered her fears


“It’s had a huge impact on my dad, Donald, 61, as he had to give up work three years ago to become my full time carer.

“I’m hoping he can now go back to work and I can also get a part time job.

“I feel like my life has only just begun.”

The Hypnotist Man, Robert Hisee, said: “I really enjoy working with people like Jodie who have problems with anxiety.

“I do not treat anxiety, as anxiety is the effect of the problem.

“What I do is discover the cause of the problem using unconscious mind techniques, from there I remove the bad feeling and existing beliefs attached to the cause of the problem.

“Removing these feelings then enables the client to enter the learning state of mind, the anxiety is no longer present and in replacement, feelings of anticipation and curiosity are left.

“With this new mind set, the client is left happier and healthier, and over time this will become even more evident.

“With their confidence shining through, they are often baffled as to how I have changed their thoughts and feelings.”

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