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Young woman embraces missing limbs by wearing summer dresses for first time


A double amputee has finally embraced her missing limbs by wearing summer dresses for the first time.

Steph Dimmock, 26 – who was born with congenital limb abnormalities – has spent her entire life hiding her disabilities.

After being born without her right hand, a deformed left hand and right leg, she underwent dozens of surgeries to improve her quality of life.


But Steph decided to have her leg amputated and has since worn a prosthetic leg and hand in a bid to ‘fit in’ with society.

After severe bullying throughout secondary school Steph’s confidence plummeted and she refused to go out without wearing trousers and long tops to hide her differences.

However, a decade later she has finally decided to embrace her body and for the first time is wearing summer dresses and shorts.

Steph, from Greenwich, London, couldn’t feel more confident and is now sharing her story to help others who may also feel insecure.

The sales assistant added: “I lost all my confident when I was bullied at school and that led to me hiding myself away for years.


“I never wanted people to notice I was different and would always wear long clothes to hide my leg and hands.

“I was born with a missing right hand, my left hand was deformed and my right leg was bent all the time and hadn’t grown the same as my left.

“I spent years trying to straighten my leg before I had it amputated at nine years old.

“I can’t believe I’m now wearing dresses for the first time since I was a teenager.

“After spending my life feeling miserable I finally decided to stop worrying about other people’s opinions and began leaving the house without my prosthetic arm.

“I don’t pay any attention to anyone that might be staring and I love nothing more than wearing pretty dresses now.


“As long as I feel happy with my appearance when I walk out of the house that’s all that matters.

“I started a blog recently to document my life and to help others build on their confidence.

“Last year I would never have imagined I’d be going out without my prosthetic leg and arm.

“I feel happier than ever now and I hope my story can help others find the confidence to wear what they like.”

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